“You’re not fit because you don’t have abs”

So in 2018, with amazing information sources at our fingertips, I find it astonishing that so many of us are still sucked into a general opinion of what a ‘fit’ person looks like and that in order to keep fit, you have to ‘go to the gym’.

I decided I’d blog about this, as a fond user of Instagram I also see so many ways in which the accounts visible and popular on there could be so damaging to vulnerable people. So many of these accounts do have an underlying good message, yes, with people sharing their fitness journeys. However, uncomfortable undertones, portraying the message that to be “fit and healthy” you have to have a crazy low body fat % (genuinely not good for your bod, unsustainable), you have to go to the gym and perform set exercises, you have to eat ‘clean’, you have to have a big toned butt and a tiny waist with abs.

Seriously? Yes, loads of athletes have incredible physiques, and yes it does come as part of the deal- eat right and move your body and you get results. BUT DON’T FORGET fitness is HOLISTIC! (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely been sucked into the previous bubble before) Physique goals in general not only suck, but they’re hard to stick to. Set yourself bigger fitness goals- don’t confine yourself to a gym! The gym is an awesome tool but what about the rest of the toolkit?

Move your body in a way that you haven’t before: swim, dance, leap with joy, climb mountains, run up hills, run, sprint, hike, cycle etc etc etc. The best ways to be a “fit” person are to be exercising without really thinking about it. If you’re hiking a mountain to burn calories rather than get to the top, quite frankly you’re doing it wrong.

The whole vision of a fit person on Instagram is one big pile of lettuce leaves. Plain and boring. There are insanely fit people out there who do not fit into the ‘fitspo’ examples given on instagram. Go figure. (Rant over)

A x

2 thoughts on ““You’re not fit because you don’t have abs””

  1. Jonathan Hustler

    Bravo! Alice what wise words. and it’s appropriate fitness too. You don’t have to be able to do 10 mile runs unless you want the marathon. For 99% of general living you just need to be healthy. J

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  2. I love this Alice! You are so right, move your body, do what makes you smile and eat what makes you feel good. Get out and breathe the air and see all the beauty outside and inside yourself, life is for being happy and being you.

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